Posted 18th Jul 2021
I've tried Google but no matter how I word the question, I don't get an answer to my question!

I've just had a new boiler installed, prior to filing the system and checking all the radiators warmed up, the installer ran a couple of chemicals through the system to clean it.
When it came to filling the system and checking the radiators warmed up, all but one of them did.
It turns out the lockshield valve had been closed, which I was unaware of as I've just bought the house and hadn't needed the heating on yet (before the boiler packed up)

My question is, will the lockshield valve being closed in the one radiator mean that the chemical system cleanse was redundant as it didn't go though the whole system? When we bled the radiators before testing the heating there was air then water in the radiator in question, so that's making me think maybe the chemical cleanse would have got in there too?

Hoping there are some experts on here so I can get some facts straight before I speak to the company tomorrow if necessary!

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