New Bond - Bad Ass or Booby prize?

    O.k so i do love my action films and am a Bond fan ... but i just dont get the new Bond.

    Dont get me wrong the film was good but why Daniel Craig - whats that all about ? Not only does he pout the whole way through the film ( even more than posh) but i thought Bond was meant to be good looking?! Saying that there is some great action in it but i really dont rate Daniel Craig.

    So who would you like to see as a Bond?

    Well i was watching Transporter 2 last night and Jason Statham would make a perfect Bond:……jpg

    Who would you pick?


    I loved the new Bond. Best bond yet... Really didn't want it to end even though it was so long.

    didn't really think he was quite Bond I'm sorry just didn't have the same feel to the movie as previous bonds, but I do love the guys that makes the cars for Bond they really know what to pack in I mean come on how do you know Bond's going to need that item???
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