Found 25th Feb 2010
Anyone got it ? I downloaded it the other night but only played ten minutes, the bit where you cross the bridge at the beginning is ridiculously hard !

I love the zombie island of Dr Ned, didnt bother with the other one but cant seem to get into this new one.


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I can see its very popular !

Lol, I have it on the 360. Nearly level 51, it's not too bad if you use cover where possible. Enjoying it so far even though if I've only just beated that first group of 'enemies' !

I've only just started out at Borderlands so got a long way to go before downloading them. Just about to enter the Dahl Headlands or whatever its called. Not even level 20.

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Hell of a game, better with friends though, I played it with one other person and it was great but a little too easy, I played it with three others and it was a real trudge.

downloading it now. may have to get Dr. Neds aswell since i've got all the achievments. lv 61 here i come
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