New Borderlands DLC - Reloading Glitch?

    Hey, has anyone else got the new DLC on Borderlands for the 360?
    I use Roland and have a class mod and abilities that make my ammo capacity higher than normal. I just wanted to know if anyone is having the same problem that I'm having.
    I reload the weapon to full capacity, yet when I exit a vehicle or access a menu, then close it, the weapon has 'emptied' the bullets to its regular capacity and I have to reload again, which is quite annoying when in the middle of a fight..


    I've always had this problem and I don't have any DLC.

    Just switch to another weapon and switch back, and it'll have reloaded to full - repeat for all 4 assigned weps.


    Have you tried taking off the class mod and putting it back on again? I had the same problem and when i took of the class mod it worked properly or try droping it and picking it back up again?:thumbsup

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    Thanks guys, I'll try this later!
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