Posted 10th Jan 2023 (Posted 17 h, 6 m ago)
Just coming to the end of my Sky contract and the broadband has been stable but I’ve been struggling with connection dropping in a couple of bedrooms. We’re not in a huge house and I would have hoped the WiFi would have reached all areas. Attempting to set up a Mesh system with the Sky Q router also looks like a right faff.

I’d like to give myself the best possible chance of having the WiFi reach every room in the house without needing to set up a Mesh system so was wondering if anyone knew of any Broadband providers that people could recommend that supply a good quality router? I’m currently paying around £30 a month with Sky for a speed of around 35mbps so something just to give an idea.

Really appreciate any advice.
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    TalkTalk offers a very good router with good wifi range.

    You can then add a mesh system to foolproof your wifi needs.
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    you’ll get 65mb with Vodafone, for £22pm, £19pm if anyone in your house has a Vodafone mobile..

    I have a Mercusys mesh, cheap of eBay, pretty easy setup..
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    £30 for 35mbps?? You're being ripped off.

    If I were you, I wouldn't choose your next ISP on the basis of the router, as it's only a tiny fraction of the overall expense. Your new ISP will definitely be cheaper than £30, so choose one, try out their router, and if it's no good just buy a better one with the money you've saved from ditching your current contract.
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    In my experience so far, BT and Plusnet routers are pretty decent for Wi-Fi coverage (they are essentially the same).  Sky and Now have shockingly bad Wi-Fi from their routers.  I’m with Now at the moment and it can struggle in some areas, previous Plusnet router had no problems.
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    Have had both Shell and Vodafone. Routers managed to get a good WiFi signal all through 4 bed extended house. Have a look on MSE for current deals. -…ls/
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    Changing the router's wifi channel(s) to less congested one(s) and/or relocating the existing router may negate any requirement for ISP change.
    First use phone app to check and note wifi congestion/strength in each separate place wifi is required,
    then disconnect router from bb source and move router to various (central?) locations and re-check wifi congestion/strength in same separate places (no connection to bb source required just to check wifi congestion/strength).
    If notable improvement just by changing channel: happy days.
    Or if router relocation has been shown to better disperse wifi: consider feasibility of re-routing (sic) or extending bb source cable to the identified ideal location.

    Random example freebie Android wifi check app:…pro
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    Buy yourself a decent router (it doesn't have to be expensive) and then you can ditch the terrible ISP router which they supply wherever you go - you are guaranteed to see an improvement
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    Vodafone is brilliant

    Ask for line transfer and they do all the hard work for you (edited)
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