new build house: garden slope angle

Found 16th May 2015
Hi guys. I am looking at a new house that's to be built but can not figure out the slope in the rear garden. I need to know if the slope is too steep or can live with it. Only figure I received from developers and looking on plans was that it was a 1/8.

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Ok simple it means that for ever 8 feet in length of your garden it will rise 1 foot.
So if your garden is 80 feet long from you standing at the back door, the end of the garden will be 10 feet higher than the ground you are standing on.
Hope this helps.
we live on a hill and always had problems with rain and ground water. make sure you have good drains to take water away from house. ours goes passed the house now but fills up the front garden before going onto highway.
I saw a lovely nearly new house in Birmingham and I ran for the hill. It's basically cut into part of a hill and the back was packed with gabion. I love the appearance of the house but the gabion really was not for me. You know how it can rain in this country! Imagine a month of rain and the ground/hill was soaked... I'd run... not for the hill though!
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Sorry for late reply guys..Thank you so much for your comments.
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