New Cadburys Advert

    Dunno if its been posted. The girl needs to be locked up. Now.


    thats just scary

    lol i can do that!

    That's so cool - so much better than that runway advert, what was that all about? Anyway am trying to make my eyebrows dance as I type! Damn my rubbish non dancing eyebrows...

    Bring back the gorilla..............

    repost again, it is freaky

    oscars for both them children :thumbsup:

    Superb squeaky balloon solo!

    it's freaky, the girl is like an alien or something... and whats with the balloon??

    is it real time time eyebrow freakiness??


    is it real time time eyebrow freakiness??

    Is it hell.... its done with a computer.

    Agreed that it is freaky....but still makes me chuckle!
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