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    Been looking for a new compact digital camera after losing my last one, and need some advice on camera's since i dont understand them that much.

    I saw the panasonic lumix tz65 deal posted on here which looked good although a little chunky.

    I also had a friend of mine recommend the Fuji F70 exr. Apparently it has a high iso or something which is good for darker conditions, handy for pictures in bars and clubs that i would often take. (dont really understand why a high iso is good, hope i got told the right thing though, anyone confirm?)

    After a bit of research online i found the fuji F80 exr is due to come out soon, and quite cheap on pcworld business (not sure if i can buy from it??)

    Would anyone recommend any of theses camera's or any others for me to buy?
    I want good pictures a good zoom, good for low light, not too big. And has take quick pictures, my pet peeve is cameras that take ages to take a picture, so people get bored or shots get missed.

    Thanks ahead of time for any advice for this camera noob.


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    Haha im actually very careful, my last one was a cheap one and my friend actually lost it, but she gave me the money for it and i wasn't really happy with the quality of the pictures anyway. So its an excuse to get a nice new one...shiny preferably :-D

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    £160 which seemed like a good deal, but as i said its pc world business, so im not sure if i could actually buy it from there as a non business customer. Its about 4-5 quid for postage aswell. Saw some other deals for 170-80 aswell more business and computer shop places though rather than camera shops, or well known shops-to me at least

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    Heres a link- What do u reckon??



    Heres a link- What do u … Heres a link- What do u reckon??]

    Availability: 0 in stock

    compare a few models side by side. a good tool for it is this:…asp

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    Availability: 0 in stock

    It says ordered on request though

    compare a few models side by side. a good tool for it is … compare a few models side by side. a good tool for it is this:

    yeh ive tried that but i dont know what all the numbers mean, and it still doesn't mean its a good camera.

    Anyone used these??
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