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    Good morning all, about a year ago a speed camera went up in a small village that I have to drive through to get to work.. but a few days ago a new camera has just gone up next to it, quite big and black and about 5 yards nearer the road markings than the speed camera and seems to be looking at the white road markings for the speed camera. does anyone have any idea what it is? I wouldn't of thought it was a CCTV camera as the village is very quiet (no pubs) any ideas?


    It could be an ANPR camera? There are quite a few static ones showing up everywhere...


    The third phase of ANPR, and the area that is growing more and more useful, is as a source of intelligence. Every vehicle that goes past a camera has its number plate ‘read’ and stored in a database with a photo and the time/date it was taken, the direction of the veheicle and often the occupier(s) of the vehicle with which camera it was spotted on. The resulting data is stored for 5 years in the National ANPR Data Centre to be analyzed for intelligence and to be used as evidence.


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    yup, that's it, thanks Mallinersha
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