New Car extended Warranty after manufacturers warranty

    Has anyone ever taken out an extended warranty direct with Mercedes or an independent warranty company such as warranty direct etc? And how did they fair on price and service?


    nope, had a few mercs and never needed to extend the warranty as its not the type of car you would expect to fall to bits

    never made one single claim within the standard 3 yr warranty, so save your money

    put the money you are quote into a savings account then if it breaks you will have most if not all the money.. also if ur selling it you have something towards next car...

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    Cheers for the advice, always had new cars under warranty and wife would like to keep mine after its 3 years old and wants the maintenance hassle free without the worry of major costs!

    I took out a warranty with warranty direct. They are more than competitive with the main dealers. I had two issues with the brakes on my car within the first two years with warranty direct, both of which were brake problems. On both occasions warranty direct paid out within ten days after my claim. Both claims were for more than £700. The proof is when you need them, will they pay up. No problems at all with warranty direct. Hope this has been of help to you.

    Another point is, if cars break down these days it will cost an arm and leg to repair. Money which in my case was very well spent. I have a car under warranty again now, but when it runs out I will be using warranty direct again.

    I've been looking into this recently. Mercedes offer more than one warranty, if going through them I would use the tier 1 warranty as it lists things that are NOT covered, rather than the things that are covered as with the lower warranty schemes from MB - this would reduce the chance of MB not covering certain things, obviously tier 1 is more expensive.

    I did quite a lot of research into this and warranty direct were mentioned quite a lot in various discussions, the long story short: It seemed that while warranty direct is good, tier 1 is better.

    Once my years warranty is up (approved used car) I will be taking tier 1 cover.
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