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Found 23rd Mar 2015
Hi, I'm wanting to buy a Sony CDX-G1000U to replace my generic one in my 2004 Peugeot 307.

Is it just a simple swap or am I going to need a fascia?

Also, will the tracks/radio station still appear on the little orange screen I have on the dashboard?


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Doubt any info will show on Orange screen apart from the time which is probably already configured as part of that display

As for facia

If you go to Halford you should be able to check, or give them a a call.. I think you probably will need a fascia and a connection cable . Maybe worth getting from eBay for half the price
You definitely will not get any radio info on the in car lcd, clock, and fuel computer info will still be there. You will definitely require a new harness to connect the new radio to the existing radio connections. Fascia will depend on the current stereo and what comes in the new box.
Does your 307 have the double din blaupunkt head unit and 5 CD changer? If so, the new stereo will fit in the space that the head unit fits in but you will have to either leave the CD changer in place (which will no longer work) or get some kind of blanking plate. You may also need an ISO to DIN aerial adapter.
No need for a facia on a 307. I changed a stereo in a 53 plate 307 and did not need a wiring harness either. I think you will need a antenna adaptor though. You can get them for 99p on a famous auction site or pay £3.99 at halfords.

If the stations don't store simply sway the red and yellow wires over with the bullet connectors in the supplied loom.
Fitting should take no more then ten mins
You won't need a plate. The 307 will either take a single or double din stereo. As said above, it won't display on the orange screen. Nor will it work with the steering wheel controls unless you get an adaptor. Peugeot are also strange with their live feeds. You make find that all your presets are lost when you turn the ignition off. If this is the case, it's because peugeot have wired the permanent and ignition leads the wrong way around, so you might need to swap these.
Sound a bit complicated. Might have to leave it then unless I ask Halfords to do it all which might cost a fortune.

Thanks anyway.
You will have to change the settings in the engine management ECU, i work at a French car specialist and i see a lot of people that fit after market stereos then the battery is dead the next day as they have not changed the live feed aswell. Halfords will not be able to do the programming 100% only someone with Planet Peugeot can. Like everyone else has said your stalk controls wont work either unless you get a specific connector. Not as simple as plug and play but should only cost you £50 to get fitted and programmed (well that's what we charge anyway) Ring your local Peugeot independent specialist and see how much they would do it for
A double din or a single din head unit should slot straight in, you might need a Peugeot ISO harness adapter ( just Google it) and an antenna adapter, and as mentioned above if the station pre sets don't store after you have turned off the ignition then just cut and swap the 2 live wires, there will be a diagram either on the old radio or on the new one which will help you to identify the cables to cut, should take half hour topps
It is not a difficult task to do and not worth paying proffesionals. Simple really, remove the old stereo and you'll be left with all the wiring. You then need the wiring adapter specific to your Peugeot which you attatch which will give you an output to plug in your new headunit. Only thing that may stump you is that the adapter wires require you to find a source for the live. In my case for my Peugeot 308 I simply purchased a fuse tap and tapped the cigarette lighter 12v fuse, and that was that.
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