New car time :D

Posted 24th Oct 2020

I currently drive a very old 08 Astra. I love my car but she’s cost me a load lately (205 brakes, 105 two tyres, 60 oil and about to spend another 130 for exhaust flexi pipe being cracked) that’s all this month so it’s time for new car

I’ve got about £10,000 I could go to £11/11,500 at an absolute push

I really wanna the s a Ford eco sport roughly 2017 but I read a thread completely slating them, I was also looking at the Vauxhall mokka, Peugeot 2008 and the Renault captur. I only get around 34 mpg with my Astra so I’m spending 60 a week driving my son to school (around 250/300 miles a week) I need better mpg!!!

Any advice would be amazing!!
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