New Car with Scrappage Deal under £8000!

Found 5th Dec 2009
I'm looking for a bigger car than I already have ideally (a Nissan Almera) and was going for second hand until I wondered if I could use my husbands car as scrappage and get something new for not to much more.

Are there any fantastic deals around? I popped into Mazda this morning and the Mazda 5 they had was £19k but they got it down by £4k but still out of my price range really.
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I doubt you'll get anything bigger than an Almera new for under £8k even with scrappage. You could have a look at Hyundais, Chevrolets and the other Korean cars - they tend to be cheapest. I think Hyundai have some offers on - they always seem to!
Okay thanks - I'll have a look. That makes my mind up for me then to sell my husbnads car and just buy nearly new rather than brand new!
Shop around all local dealers.....some may be desperate for business and you might be surprised what you'll get. I certainly wouldn't discount the idea of the scrappage deal until you've exhausted your local dealers. Times are hard, December is probably the worst time for dealerships...give it a go you might grab yourself a bargain!
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