new cashback site

    Just spotted this on Yahoo Money

    From Monday they will be giving away £10,000 everyday!…zy/


    Unless they get cashback from Amazon, I can't be bothered to switch. It has taken me years to get my parents understanding and using Quidco!

    Quidco or nothing.

    Basically nothing then.

    Quidco is for mugs. Topcashback is free and customer service is 1000 times better.

    i heart TCB

    TCB > Quidco

    Is TCB really good then? I've got to say i've been wondering if I should change to there as Quidco has been suspect of late and doesn't seem to track of "high value" items. Then why you raise a claim you never get a response.

    TopCashBack is better than Quidco by a long way. They are far more responsive than Quidco to claims, and when I used them, TCB seemed to track more correctly than Quidco. Earned nearly £197 with TCB in about a year and half.

    I use both TCB and Quidco. Increasingly I am using TCB over Quidco as they often have slightly higher earnings rates; they did the right thing by their customers when a merchant went under and paid out when Quidco didn't; they have no annual membership fee, and; customer service has deteriorated at Quidco over the past couple of years. I maintain both partly through habit but also because occasionally you get different merchants / higher rates at Quidco. Frankly, unless I could find one offering Amazon, I wouldn't look at any other sites.

    We were one of the first 100 today to win our money back. Almost seems to good to be true!
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