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New chain needed for bike or just some oil/lube?

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Really can't afford new chain so hoping some oil would do but if I have to then it has to be done. Any recommendations for bike oil? Thank you
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Put any oil on it, seriously cooking oil/ car oil! And then see how it rides.
Wurth Chain lube, about a fiver it can be picked up for and it's excellent
In that second picture it looks like you have a stiff link. Put on some gloves, grab the chain either side of the stiff link, and wiggle it from side to side to loosen the link.
any oil will be ok, the rust should wane afer a few rides , new chain cost around £8 on ebay
Rusty chain put some wd or gt85 to try and make the joints flexible again if they do loosen up wipe down and apply proper bike chain oil, the chain is rusty so it could snap at any time
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Thank you all wonderful advice
First WD40 to remove the rust and clean the chain, then bike chain oil.
Use an old toothbrush to work in the oil...
i got free bike oil from halfords. quite a lot, so i doubt i will ever need to buy bike oil again!

halfords bike oil seems fine to me.
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