New chair with £100 budget.

    Hi guys I'm looking for a bit of help and to draw on some of your experience.
    I need a new chair for sitting at the PC as my present one is just about clapped out.
    My GF is sick of the sight of it and as I couldnt think of anything I wanted as my main Christmas present and she has told me to find a new one and I have a budget of about £100.
    So can anyone recommend one from personal experience in this price bracket.


    Ive got this one…own

    It is just out your budget at £109.99 but its a lovely comfy chair. Ive practically lived in it for the last 3 years and mostly use it way more than the recommended 5-8 hours a day. The only wear and tare has been on the arm rests, which is understandable due to the useage, but the rest of the leather/padding is just as good as it was when I bought it. My OH has a cheap one for viking direct and I cant sit in it for more than 30 minutes without wanting to chuck it out the window its so uncomfortable.

    The good thing about staples if you have one close to you is that you can go and try them before you buy, which is what I did.

    Im sure youll get some other recommendations along soon.

    Good luck in your search.

    Original Poster

    That looks good but I really want a black one.
    Its the arm rests that are going on mine as well -I was happy to dig out the black electrical tape but shes said it has to go.
    I really want a comfy one as I probably spend far too much time in front of the computer.
    The one I have should have been about £130 7-8 years ago so I know you have to spend a bit if you want it to last.
    I had a browse of staples and spied this:…air

    would be about £84 after Quidco.
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    Looks ok but if you read the description it mentions only 'Leather faced seat and backrest' which i assume means (its the same description for the chair I have) that the arms arent made of leather. Which as youve already said is the part that fails easily. There must be a reason why they do this. The only thing I can think of with a chair like this is buy some sort of arm cover so it doesnt wear away as quickly? Or in another 5 years youll be asking the same thing if you get my drift.
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