New Colour DS Lites POORLY Manufactured??

    Ok, I got my Lime green one last week from game the day before release date.

    Initially impressed with it i noticed that the two LCD screens were not sat square on, meaning that the bottom one, in the bottom right was higher there than in the bottom left, and also the whole screen was more towards the right hand side than in the middle, same with the top screen but opposite corners ie: bottom right was lower than bottom left.

    Upon further inspection, the lid also didnt close correctly as it seemed to sit on the raised part of the bottom touch screen. looking along the lid you can clearly see that it has been bent (bowed) because of this.

    The kind rep at GAME arranged for my local store to swap it out for me so i went in and got another LIME Green one. Got it home but it had the same issues, but the top screen was even more out of alignment than my first one.

    Phoned the store they kindly said take it back and we will check through thier current stock for a good one to ensure that i am happy before i leave.

    After checking 3 more GREEN ones and confirming that all had the same similar issues, we checked a TURQUOISE one which didnt have the bent lid issue but still had the screens not being square on problem.

    So.... We checked 2 RED ones, one had the same issues with lid and screens and the other was the only one that I and the management could honestly say was all ok.

    Trouble was it was RED and i didnt want it!

    The manager went on to say: "well, maybe thats how they are being manufactured now, or it may just be a problem with the first batch they made, trying to rush them out or something" To that I replied that then GAME should send them all back to Nintendo and get a refund!
    Others have complained about the same issues with the new colour DSs, its not specific to GAME stores. But I got the impression that they would just be re-stocked for some other person to put up with it or complain at a later date.

    I was told that I could wait for a different batch to come in, get a refund (from the online GAME as thats where I actually bought one) or take an older colour. Now originally i gave my WHITE one to one of my boys so i could be different and get a new colour. But I opted for a refund. Knowing I would get this sorted quickly from online I tried my luck accross the road in WOOLWORTHS to buy another GREEN one, but asked if i could check it as ive had some bad experiences with the new colour ones.

    After checking 3 more in there too the management agreed that the DS's shouldnt be like this.

    So I bit the bullet and opted for another white one, which i checked and low and behold it had no issues!



    I have a pink one that Nintendo replaced as I sent it for repair 3 times and they never fixed it. The bottom screen is not straight on, on this one. The quality of the DS manufacture in all colours is poor in my opinion

    Does not surprise me, Nintendo are about MAX profit.

    Don't be too hard on the production staff............they won't get fed tonight otherwise. :cry: Just look at the hard working souls...................

    :thumbsup: lol Syzable


    Does not surprise me, Nintendo are about MAX profit.

    Psssh nowhere near as bad as MS and Sony.

    I had a gamecube and dropped it so many times and scratched it badly and it still worked.

    Spilled a tub of salt into it, it still worked.

    PS2 slightest fall from a height, non working console.

    PSPs have many reports of dead pixels.

    Nintendo have always seemed the best manufacturer.

    They are trying to cut corners and produce as many as they can as they are still flying of the shelves.

    Man, Nintendo have China working overtime.

    Original Poster

    SO guys, Gals,

    Can anyone HONNESTLY say that their NEW COLOUR DS LITE doesnt have a bent lid and or a bottom LCD screen that isn't quite straight? (higher in bottom right than bottom left) - IF so, where did you buy it from?? Please post pics of the lid closed from the front and open while looking striaght across it, also pics of the bottom LCD being straight too if you have one that is..

    To add to GAME and WOOLWORTHS, My local TESCO stock was the same too!

    I can honestly say (no pics to hand) that my daughters red DS lite has absolutely no screen alignment issues whatsoever (and I have looked carefully)....

    Whether that remains the case once I get it replaced with one with a functioning microphone is another issue
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