New Computor at Last!!! - Help needed Please :-)

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Found 15th Jun 2008
Well ive be saving for quite a while now and have just got around enough to get a new computor as my last one died on me the other month :(. So what i need is your help please as i dont really know much about them to be honest.

It going to be used mainly for:

-Heavy internet useage
-Loads of downloading & uploading
-It going to be connected by wi-fi
-It going to have to manage loads of songs and videos
-Connect to my PS3 & Xbox 360

and well thats about it really - would really appreciate if u could give me some links to some pcs which mould fit my criteria please or tips on what to look out for and whats bad or good.

Thks in Advanced :-)

PRICE - £300 - £450


Dell have some decent specs that would deal with most of your usage.... or have a look on ebuyer perhaps for a desktop base and a monitor....

The critical thing is whether it will have to play blu-ray or other 1080p HD sources, every other requirement will be easily satisfied by any PC you could buy performance-wise.

For what you need I would worry more about your internet than a computer, for what you need you would only need a cheap one but about £30 a month on internet.

for connectivity with your ps3 all you need is Windows Media Player and for your xbox360 you would need windows media center so basically a computer with Vista Home Premium

And if you want to connect your consoles to the monitor, go for a 24" with DVI/HDMI, and that way you can have your PC and consoles connected to one 1080P screen. Novatech have a good 24" screen.
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