New contract mobile for my mum?

    Hey all

    My mum has decided she need a mobile she can surf the internet on and check her email (shocking). Has to be a contract and up to £20 monthly only.

    Just saw the Blackbery for £12 which seems ok. My worry is she is not very tech, so it needs to be quite simple.

    I am iphone mad, so have no clue about mobile phones any more. Would like ideally to get her a deal on Vodaphone as she has bad signal at home & I can get a sure signal box there.

    Looking there I saw a Samsung Monte, LG Viewty. No idea what these phones are like.

    Any pointers or opinions on what I should get her would be much appreciated.




    The Blackberry (Curve 8520) is good for checking emails and looks more complicated to use than it really is - I thought it was quite a simple phone to get used to once you have a play with it. However, that particular model has no 3G so surfing the Internet is like watching paint dry (literally), very slow!

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    Thanks for that Pr3cious18

    Had not noticed lack of 3G, deffo a duff deal for me then. The search continues :-)


    I got a cracking deal with T-Mobile for my mum. Got her the HTC Wildfire for my mum with 100 mins and 100text, unlimited data (fair usage policy limits to 500mb) and unlimited t-mobile to t-mobile texts and calls all for £10 a month (24 month contract though)

    The HTC wildfire is the same as the old Iphone platform pretty much. My mum's 60 and even sent me an e-mail off it last night!

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    Hi pink_koo

    Thanks for the idea, do you have a link? as it seems a lot more expensive now

    Anyone have the samsung monte or lg viewty?

    [quote=id3als]Hi pink_kooThanks for the idea, do you have a link? as it seems a lot more expensive now :(quote]


    I actually phoned t-mobile off the back of a deal posted on here... but having spoken to someone I managed to get a far better deal than what I found on the web.

    Hope this helps...…554


    Biggest problem with the desire is battery life but thats mainly cos of the cracking big screen. Android usability isn't up to the iPhone but i find Android easy enough but some more 'mature' family members struggle a bit with it.
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