New Cooler but no boot up just fans spinning.

Found 24th May
As above replaced my CPU cooler for a water cooler.

but now it is it does not boot up just powers on with no monitor signal or beeps.

and by holding the power button it does not switch off but does if I remove the CPU power connector.

I have made sure all is pushed in correctly.

my hopes this is just a ground issue?

or PSU issue.

Any ideas?
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Ground issue ?
Have you reset the cmos ?
Yes have reset CMOS.

Ground issue I mean if anything is shorting the mother board ,but if it was the computer would not stay on ?
Munch19814 m ago

Yes have reset CMOS.Ground issue I mean if anything is shorting the mother …Yes have reset CMOS.Ground issue I mean if anything is shorting the mother board ,but if it was the computer would not stay on ?

I guess depends on PSU but normally the psu goes into shutdown on a short. PSU connectors would be my 1st point of call. I would also make sure my front header is set right. What water cooler are you using ?
Cooler Master Seidon 120V V2 CPU Liquid Cooler
But why would the power button when pressed down work with the PSU connecter disconnected.
Front header?
Sorry yes know about front header.
You should have two psu connectors on the motherboard. The main board long connector and the additional power one near the CPU.
Yes got that one connected in . Do you think I killed my cpu?
Only if you bent something on the chip or socket and but it's difficult to kill a cpu now.

So what have you got attached to the PC ?
Checked the CPU pins they were fine I did not even take out.

Two hardrives Cd drive and GPU.
Only to inspect CPU of course.
I assume you're powering the AIO/water pumps off the CPU FAN socket ?
Try booting it will just the GPU installed ?
Question one yes

Question 2 not have not tried that.
Give it a go to see if there's an issue with that. Sorry mate have to get some sleep but hope you sort this problem.
Thanks for your help will try what you suggested and will check all connections again.

Do you have a feeling what it could be,?
Will report back tomorrow,am off to sleep too.
Another issue could be that you may have forgotten to connect all the required power cables to the GPU 4,6,8 pin lead (whatever your GPU needs). I always forget and only realise when my PC powers on but fails to boot and no display.
Your cooler may be too much for your psu perhaps? You may have too much draw on it to enable start up possibly, it may mean you need a more powerful psu? Although if that is the case the 4.8watts extra must have meant you were operating within an inch of its capability what PSU do you have?

Check your ram is correctly seated.

Check all connectors to drives.

Check power connections to GPU and that GPU is correctly seated.
Can you try removing the cooler and going back to the old cooler?
I have 600 watt PSU.

Tried everything above apart from putting old CPU cooler back on.
Ocz the make is.
You sure the cpu cooler is plugged in as some boards won't post if a cpu cooler isn't plugged in. Could be that you've plugged it into the wrong fan header
Just a up date ,my motherboard was dead. Had to replace it.

I knew it was dead because I tried a other CPU and it did not post.

Thanks for all your help.
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