New Corsa 1.3 CDTI

    I am currently looking for a new car to replace my rather old Corsa, which has been written off.

    After test driving the new Corsa (1.3 CDTI) I was actually really impressed.

    I am considering buying one brand new. Yes, I know it's a Vauxhall, but I really liked the way it drove, and the looks of the three door are really good.

    Are the any owners of this car on the forum that would like to offer their opinion? Or anyone else for that matter.

    I will be using the car for motorway (occasionally) and around town.

    Thanks guys, rep for helpful comments


    my partners got a newish vauxhall not the same model as the one your after, the car is nice but the trouble we had with vauxhall has totally put us off buying from them again. i agree they do look nice though. ours is a 3door and if you got kids its a pain in the bum lol we got it before i knew i was having my daughter and its a pain keep putting the carseat in and out the back.

    The company i used to work for used these as fleet cars,driven round the clock (in both senses of the word. Semed fairly bulletproof,and nippy too.:thumbsup:
    The drivers did mention it was awkward to change a headlamp bulb but,hey,if thats all they could find to complain about........

    I test drove the new Corsa, the diesel, a few years back, and although it was a good drive, ultomately i didn't buy it.

    The main sticking points were:
    1. Space, with the front seats fully back they are touching the back seats. In the older Corsa this didn't happen. The boot is also very small, and has a V shaped loading entry, not very practical.

    2. Price, the 1.3 CDTi Design is around £14,000. You can buy some older luxury cars for that price. BMW or Mercedes. Or if you want something a little less high end, a second hand Insignia or Mazda 6 etc. can come in under that.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that guys. I am going to rep you all for the helpful advice.

    The 1.3CDTI I can pick up for £11,300 (after a couple of discounts and negotiation). For this you get, Alloy's Air con, ipod connectivity, 3 door version, front fog lamps and a few other bits. It is by no means the base model.

    The main reasons I want it is because as PhilthyPhil mentions, they seem to quite reliable. My Dad's company use them (he has the Insignia BTW) and they batter them and they still go.

    Secondly the car tax is £35 and you can get around 60mpg. Plus the insurance is really low (group 3 or 4 I think).

    Luckily I don't have kids, lol, but I can see how problematic a car seat in the back would be.

    At 6"1 I am concerned about leg room for the person behind, but quite often it is just me driving anyway, and my partner. I used to get in my old Corsa (1998 model) perfectly fine, and for a super mini the Corsa seems really quite big.

    I take your point peodude, but the insurance, tax and fuel cost all go up with these sorts of car so I am not really after that.

    Plus you get 3 years of trouble free motoring as everything is covered by the warranty

    Have you looked at the prices of pre reg cars? These are cars that have already been registered, but still only with delivery miles on. These can be up to a few thousand pound cheaper.

    ]Motorpoint are fairly good, and Vauxhall do them at their own garages as well

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that. This is an option I didn't consider, so I am very grateful!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that bigwheels!

    I will have a look through there

    rep added

    Another bonus is because of the popularity of the car is usually relatively cheap to fix/repair. I've had my 95, 5 door Corsa since 95 funnily enough and every part I needed to fix was cheap as chips.

    Peodude makes a good point about similarly priced luxury cars, but with them being older models and generally less reliable than a brand new Corsa, the parts, labour will soon shoot up. At least you can pretty much guarantee a MOT pass for a few years.

    Original Poster

    That is my feeling exactly JohnBall.

    I had a 1998 Corsa for years and loved it. I have a trustworthy mechanic (who is a friend) who could always source parts cheaply and then fit them for me.

    Similarly, a friend with 106 had a radiator go, and it took him 2 weeks to get it fixed and cost well over £300!

    Also if I buy brand new I won't have to worry about MOT for a while.

    Thanks John, rep added
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