New Customer for Sky TV, bit confusing any help would be great

    My dad who is a pensioner has asked me to look into getting Sky for him. He is in his 70's on his pension so I am trying to get best price. He wants sky for the sport and is not bothered about movies.
    As I understand it I have to get a variety pack £19.50 and the sports package at £19.50 so that would be a total of £39 to pay each month.
    Also it says there is a one off payment of £30. Is this for the man to come out and put the dish up and install it all as well as the box?
    The other confusing thing is he is not bothered about HD as he has an old TV anyway but the box seems to be an HD box in the picture. Do they use HD boxes even if you are not paying for the HD.
    Are there any hidden cost that anyone knows of and lastly does anyone know of anyway of getting it a bit cheaper as it really will be stretching him. He loves his sports though so would love sky.
    Thanks in advance. Hope I have made sense.


    The best deals are always online, remember to go via quidco, so you get £75 cashback, some of the deals on on the quidco page HERE
    Also till the 21st you get a £25 M & S voucher (for nomal sky+, or £50 for HD+) so that doesn't make £30 install, so bad,esp with cashback too

    He could get the sky sports [email protected] on their WEBSITE!


    Original Poster

    Thanks Rich will take a look. Great info.

    Basically your right with the details but there are usually offers around as Rich said.,,dont go for the £31.95 offer though as you only get sky sports 1 .

    They do send HD boxes even if you dont subscribe too HD.

    You can get Sky sports 1 and 2 on Top Up tv with a freeview box for £29.99 a month, no contract;…OoQ
    If you click the "Free Digital TV Recorder" box it adds the box and set up (worth £109) to your basket for nothing.

    You can also get Sky Sports as part of BT Vision. I think the cheapest that works out is about £32 a month with both sports channels but I have no idea about set up costs.
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