HAS anyone bought a inspiron 1525?
    I would like to get one but as its a brand new model not sure how good they are.

    ANY feed back info appriciated.


    There's a pre-production review here which might be of interest to you:…175


    Getting mine delivered Tuesday afternoon, i'll let you know

    Hi there, im also thinking of getting a dell inspiron 1525, need it mainly for educational purposes as im a student, playing the occasional games, and surfing the net. If possible could someone let me know about this laptop- the advantages and disadvantages of this laptop


    Received mine a few days ago, impressed with the size and weight, Dell are finally realising people do want a good looking machine as well as cheap. I'll just be using mine for surfing web, microsoft office documents and few movies on the go.

    So far i've noticed the following:

    Truelife screen a must, great screen for viewing photos, watching movies etc.
    Dual core 2 1.7 impressive compared to single core set ups.
    I went for the larger battery, life is shorter than I expected, don't just go for the standard 4 cell.
    2 megapixel camera is good, capable of videos too but much slower.

    Sound quality, speaker is rediculously poor, very quiet.
    Graphics card is just an on board X3100, it'll do the job of basic tasks and run older games but i'm yet to try it with a 3D shoot em up.
    Vista... didn't realise it would be so hard to transfer my older software.
    I went for the white colour which I expected to look like the Macs but it was only white on the top, all other parts were silver.
    Finding it hard to adjust to the scroll pad, after changing the settings i'm still finding it unresponsive, sure this is just a matter of time... I hope

    Overall I'm impressed, suits my needs and is ungradable to 250GB HDD in the future

    Forgot to mention...

    4 USB ports is great, XPS only has 3
    HDMI out was unexpected
    Card reader is handy.... except I have a Sony which uses sticks and isn't compatible

    I would defs get 1 but i am really after an 8600m gt dedicated graphics card.
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