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    Hi looking for a bit off help for a friend.I am looking for the best spec new desktop pc for £400 with monitor.thanks


    Not sure about best spec but first place you should look is Dell PCs for Brand New. Dell Outlet for refurbished (better spec for money as they are refurbished but still go through same quality assurance).

    For £400 you should be able to get a good middle of the range spec PC with the latest components so I'm sure you will do well with that budget. IMO I'd Forget high street supermarket deals for a start.

    Look online, , , , ,

    Between these sites you should do very well for your money. Hope this helps. Cheers.

    PS. Avoid Vista, XP is much better and works faster. Always go for at least 1Gb RAM and dedicated Graphics card memory (dont go for shared graphics memory). As long as the CPU isnt Celeron then you'll be fine. some people prefer AMD, others Intel Pentium. My preference is Intel Pentium. Hard drive should be SATA/SATAII and at least 250GB which shouldnt be a problem given your budget.

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    ok m8 thanks for that i was trying find one with 2gb mem duo core 2 250gb hard drive and a 19in monitor.i shall check when i finish work thanks again.
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