new desktop advice?

    Please can you help me out of my dilemna?

    I have been searching and reading up on details regarding buying a new desktop pc. I have some idea of what I want, but you all seem very "in the know" with your stuff and thought you might help me out.

    My current system is a bit of a dinosaur and driving me nuts!!!! Looking at a bit of spec I would like a core 2 duo, preferably on XP as I am under the impression that vista can cause problems and my current stuff will not be compatible - is that correct??

    I don't do a lot of gaming, but use it a lot for work ie office applications, tons of music and pictures. I have an old flat screen lcd monitor, so could use that, but perhaps a new monitor would be good.

    Looking at some of the threads, I think it would be beyond my capabilities to build my own! I have been looking at systems approx £400-£500
    for example :
    1. Maxdata Computer System Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1024MB 250GB DVD-RW
    Windows Vista Home Premium as this is a good price at £379 ebuyer with good reviews

    2. Maxdata Favorit 1000 E4300 £405 at Misco, but the spec not quite as good

    3. Dell Dimension E520 which would be about £515 with 20" monitor and upgrade to E6300

    Thanks guys, even if you only read this, although comments would be good.

    Ann - not-so-clever-at-computing-type-person


    HI, look at my thread below, its gives you a full spec for a decent machine, better than the max data and the dell at a cheaper price, larger harddrive and doubl ethe ram

    Original Poster

    Thanks V much, I have been watching that, but I really don't think that I could do my own build.

    Nor do I, but hey, you have to try. Do you know anyone that could help you out of it went wrong?

    Original Poster

    not really, perhaps I will give it some more thought, but thanks anyway
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