New Desktop - Budget - £500

    My computer has finally given up the ghost, and rather than replacing all the parts etc I'm just gonna buy a new one.

    I'm looking for a i7 with 8gb of Ram, but I can't seem to get it within my budget of £500. Don't really need a monitor (but it would be an added bonus). I'm a little put of with the custom builds on ebay as usually they have really loud fans or have crummy build quality.

    I've looked on dell outlet but the cheapest I can get it is £600+ after vat & delivery.

    Any ideas?


    are you confident to build your own pc? if so check out,, dabs, etc you will find building your own will work out better for you spec wise, rather than buy one from dell that are cheap parts,

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    I am competent but I prized it up and it didn't seem to make much sense:

    Case, PSU, Mother board - £120
    Processor i5 -£150
    120gb SSD - £150
    8gb DDR3 Memory - £110
    Graphics - £50

    Total is £580,and if I wanted a i7 it'll be another 50-70 quid more taking the total upto £650.

    Do you really need 8GB of RAM? Unless you are doing video conversion or photo editing lots of huge files at the same time I doubt your memory usage would rarely even touch 4GB. Also, unless you run 64 bit Windows you can't make use of more than 3GB of RAM.

    I can guess by spending £50 on a graphics card you're not a gamer, so I'm sure you could knock £50+ off the price by getting less RAM.

    Whilst perhaps not exactly to spec, what about this:…584

    You could always sell the monitor and hard drive to pay for a 120GB SSD.

    Just got an i7 overclocked bundle (processor, motherboard, ram) from for about £550 - they do much cheaper standard clocked ones (assuming the rest of your pc is ok (case, gfx etc)

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    You're probably right, 8gb is overkill, would be cool though! I'm not a gamer and would only really look for a graphics card with a HDMI port and is either passively cooled or has a very quiet fan.

    I think I'm gonna stalk the dell outlet site for a couple of days and if nothing turns up there go and build it myself. Thanks for the help,

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    My stalking has paid off!

    Got a
    Dell Studio XPS 8100
    Intel Core i7 860 2.80Ghz
    4gb DDR Ram
    Windows 7 64 bit
    1tb Hard Drive (Which I'll change for a SSD myself)

    For £430 inc Vat & Del. Thanks for peoples help on here.
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