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Found 16th Jun 2010
Hi...I'm in the market for a new double divan bed.
I like a 'firmish' mattress and am considering one with a layer of memory foam on top and pocket-sprung (2-3000 springs)
I have it on very good authority markup prices in the usual stores are criminal, though of course Joe Public is not told this!
Enough to say, I'm not buying from any of them.
So: anyone recommend a good and reputable supplier/distributor on the web or in Central Scotland?
Many thanks
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In to see what replies you get here.

I'm in the market for a mattress (got a frame) - want a decent one which will last (budget prob about £300). Am thinking memory foam rather than a topper. Not sure though.
Makro are always worth a try.
We have had two mattresses from Sleep Assured. We originally got one for the spare bed but it was so good we got one for ourselves. They come vacuum packed and the second one wasn't flat when it filled out - difficult to describe! I emailed them and they sent a replacement one immediately and we kept the old one too (which we put on Freecycle). We got ours via ebay but they seem only to be on Amazon now…B52

Double one around £200 with 2 pillows.

Just checked my emails from when I had the problem and I see they have their own website too
There are some cheap memory foam mattresses on ebay that get good feedback, also look on there for local pick up only frames there are often new ones on there for about £30 for metal framed and £50 for wooden framed in our area. From what I remember about £150 for a decent pocket sprung with memory foam layer on it and £170 for a 12" memory foam one (delivered - most next day too) that was king sized, double will be a bit less.

Use this to narrow down local bargains then put bed/mattress whatever in front of the search terms it brings up.

Oh just noticed you want a divan type, oh well.
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