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Peeps im looking at finally investing in a new pc as mine just doesnt cut the mustard with the latest games. I am so split about hardware to get in terms of Dual vs Quad so would like some reasonable opinions please on the following. I want something that will be pretty future proof to a certain extent, as much as can be possible with todays market. Sensible comments please, and with backup not just 'go for the quad its better' sort of thing or ramblings about buying a £100 case coz it cools better and looks good - i am not going to overclock if possible ;-) Anyways so far ive come up with this (i have a Hyper 530W PSU already btw):

Motherboard ebuyer.com/pro…125 Asus P5k AI £69
CPU ebuyer.com/pro…823 Intel Q6600 £154
GFX ebuyer.com/pro…416 8800GTS 512Meg £225
HDD ebuyer.com/pro…826 Seagate 500Meg Sata2 £70
Memory ebuyer.com/pro…710 Corsair 2Gig DDR2 800 £40.00
Case ebuyer.com/pro…395 Coolermaster Centurion £35

All in all roughly the £600 mark im looking at.

PS is now a good time to buy or wait until the new quads hit in January and wait for prices to come down. How long can you say this though ?

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Noone wanna enlighten me ?? :-(
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