New ebay listings look

i personally dont like it, i like the option of being able to see a small picture of the item before i click on the link. What do you guys think?


I thought it was working like that cos the site wasn't running properly fully,you should be able to see a pic at the side for those using the gallery option,mine been displaying like you described for a few days,I thought they were making updates or something.


Its awful, hope its not going to stay like that! Whats the point of paying for a gallery pic if it doesnt show!

you can change how you view listings. you can include the picture, its just not there by default now. though, when you do change it, the picture is on the right. which still annoys me lol

Sorry, I don't see any difference. :thinking:

I can't see any difference either, hmm.

Nor me.

I see some kind of conspiracy between Littlewoods, ebay, HUKD, MSE and some Nigerian scammers (Just thought i'd say it before someone else does).

I've not changed any settings on eBay,I think their site not working fully,the little images I see are likes on they used to display years ago I think if I remember correctly.


The ebay listing gets worser by day- 6 yrs ago it was so much better=- was so simple to read and to list.

now far too cluttered and cant fimd the options to use to list.

good job dont use fleebay anymore- i just leave it to the nigerian scammers!



:? :? :?:whistling:

I thought it was just me:? I looked this afternoon and went straight off it. i thought the site was not running properly..
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