New Ebay Search Petition -- Sign here

For anyone who dislikes or find the new search system a complete backwards step, sign up to the petition.

"We would like not to make the new search system, as previously seen in the "playground" compulsory. We would like to have permanent access to the classic page layout."…tml


signed. I do not like the new search engine.

i like the new search better cos it enables me to filter the reslut with more than one preferences in the same criteria at the same time (e.g. Medium and Large shirts; multiple price ranges etc.)

BUT its good to have options... therefore i'll sign so long as you do not require to eliminate the new search lol

Been trying to get used to it but the fact it doesn't work properly in Opera is a real annoyance.


hate the new search is far to inprecise, is very noob orientated

signed and commented

hate it

initially i thought it was great, but there are SO many varibles to maintain, plus there are then so many way to sort the search results, its just mind boggling at times!

They should make it optional.
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