New Echo discounted £20 2 weeks after launch

Found 15th Nov 2017
Slightly annoyed that Amazon have taken £20 off the new Echo just 2 weeks after I bought it at launch, is there someway for me to recoup that £20? As it's only 2 weeks, I could probably return it and order again? or is there a simpler way?
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Amazon probably won't refund the difference but you can return it and re-order. It's silly but there you have it. There's no harm asking them.
Ask amazon they will sometimes refund the difference if you make enough of a fuss. They did it for me the other day when items were a few quid cheaper than when i ordered - Live chat this was on
Edited by: "winifer" 15th Nov 2017
Went onto live chat, transferred me to the Echo team and they refunded the £20 painlessly. More brownie points for Amazon's customer service. FYI they said they will refund the difference if the purchase was less than 30 days before the price drop.
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