New Emoji-Based iOS Text Hack Discovered - Locks up iPhone

    A new way to annoy your iFriends...

    Sending just three emoji to an iOS device is the new comedy hack in town, as receiving the odd visual message combination can lock up iPhones so badly that they need a restart. If you hate someone enough to want to deprive them of a screen to look at for a few minutes, here you go.

    There's a page outlining the emoji you need to paste in and send off via iMessage here -- it looks like it's the white flag, a circle thing and a rainbow.

    (This bug appears to only affect through iOS v10.1.1. 10.2+ does not seem vulnerable.)


    Are you sure it's not yourself that has created this bug, I mean with the username msmyth (Microsoft myth)?

    Doesn't work. Did get some interesting replies though. X)
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