New energy tarriff PRICE LISTED based on yearly consumption

LocalFound 9th Jan
Large 1 bed flat
This is my genuine consumption
I think i got a good deal
50 quid quidco cash back

What do you guys think its a deal?

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billabong0072 m ago

Where is the deal?It certainly isn't £13.

13 pound a week dual tarriff im never out ma heatings never off also
33025011-iU6Ux.jpgTracked straight away.
It is - £13 a week
I dont believe people are beating this ive been at it 3 days. The heatings on permanantly for my beloved dogs 2 of.

I wash clothes daily and am a tad ocd .... millions of baths as i dont prefer showers as most do

Also cleaning constantly.
billabong00713 m ago

Where is the deal?It certainly isn't £13.

Its 13 pound a week for a dual tarriff?
Well my house is baking so you be as daft as uz like?
Most people are paying over a grand a year i know alot of people?
Im paying just more than half?
Comparing the unit prices with my NPower price ......... yours looks very expensive.
The anual total shown is meaningless as no one knows how often and what enegy you are using
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I use 250 kw leck a month 146kw gas a month?
It cost me if I use 1 unit of gas and 1 unit of electric for 1 week.... £3.14
It costs you for the same £3.82 (ish)
lindus21 m ago

I use 250 kw leck a month 146kw gas a month?

I'm with Avro - one of the small suppliers. Using Avro's prices you would save £96/year - but there is no cashback - so you are £46 more expensive per year than Avro assuming they offer their deal in your area.

What do you use gas for - that is a very low use even for a 1 bed flat? I guess just a hob?
Its a projection... not a capped price though and depends on actual usage.
Very expensive standing charges, OKish fuel rates but then it is the most expensive time of year to switch. In mid summer, you will almost certainly find its way cheaper to change supplier/tariff from this one. It almost always pays to split fuels across suppliers and not accept a duel fuel deal.

Go to a switch site and put in any old garbage apart from your postcode.
Select ALL deals, not just ones they can switch you to.
Look at the tariff details (Standing Charge per day and KW charge) per fuel. This is never visible until you click further.

And do your own maths
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Splodger10150 m ago

Its a projection... not a capped price though and depends on actual usage.

It is capped
lindus15 m ago

It is capped

Agree, the price is capped.... but the estimated (projected) annual bill is not capped - it depends on your energy consumption ( kWh quantity used) * pence/kWh. The standing charges are high too..
15% higher than ma unit rates
Pre-payment tarriffs are always dearer than regular credit ones, so if you are able to change you should be able to make a saving.
Changed to edf cheaper and 50 pound quidco. Thanks guys.
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