New England Home Football Shirt...Opinions?

    Picture see first post.

    Its different anyway. To be honest I think its looks like a polo shirt but apparently its meant to be historical. Also the shirt sizes are not S,M,L etc but chest size ie 34...

    Would you pay £50 for it?


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    Heard them bumming this one up - just like the team really - promises a lot but never delivers. :lol:

    Sorry, is this the new England Tennis top?

    Not a footy top IMHO

    Oh no thats not very nice! what are they playing at.

    Looks like a womans top

    haha its a just a primark polo shirt with that awful badge stuck on it !!!


    haha its a just a primark polo shirt with that awful badge stuck on it !!!

    it does i would never pay £50 for it. When is the release date?

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    Apparenty its tailored so it feels as comfortable as everyday clothes and to give it a more respectable look...

    just wait til after the world cup it will be going for £2.74 from sports direct

    Very plain - may have to see it inthe flesh to decide but on first look, not a fan


    wicked :lol:

    Its due for release on Saturday and on sale 1st April so this is a wind up - even though it's sale date is All Fools Day lol

    I hope its a wind up, that shirt is awful

    It doesn't look like a footy top does it!

    and No I wouldn't pay £50 for it.

    Quite funny, that shirt isn't a wind up :lol:

    Whilst I don't think it's worth £50, I really like it. The greater attention to the fit is obviously a plus, and the basic appearance makes it look smarter.

    I'd much rather wear that than some of the poorly fitting, cheap-looking shirts we've had over the years.

    i dont get all the hate myself? just cos it doesnt look like some futuristic 'cybershirt' with red go-faster stripes blazoned everywhere, people hate it. what ever happened to a simple shirt with a simple design? none of this clima-cool, inspired by a fighter jet crap.

    i shall be buying.

    I really like it and i've seen it for £40 but i'll wait for the price to drop a bit
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