New Everyday coins? Whats your Opinion on them....

    Which ones do u prefer the classics or the new ones?


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    already posted. i like em. i like shiny new things lol

    I really REALLY like them

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    oh sorry guys, didnt realise this has already been posted, if a mod would like to close, they can do..:)

    I hate these, really dislike them.

    waste of "money"

    shiny and solid is good.

    So long as they are the same size and shape as the ones we already have I don't mind.

    I'm not too happy that Wales isn't represented anywhere on the coins, I know technically it is a Principality and not a country but the UK is always thought of as being made up of England, Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales so I'm a bit peeved that we have no representation on these new designs (especially as the bloke who designed them is from North Wales! lol)

    At the end of the day though I'm more worried about how many I have not what they look like :-)

    Yesterday the Royal Mint revealed the first new coin designs for 40 … Yesterday the Royal Mint revealed the first new coin designs for 40 years, dreamt up by a 26-year-old trainee graphic designer.

    I think thats why they are so **** "trainee" being the key word here

    dont see what the problem is with them, gotta be better than the ones we have now and its better than the euro

    Who cares as long as we have something to spend (and not the euro!)
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