Found 15th Sep 2008
Ozzie the 7 month old Dalmatian

Ozzie is on the left 7 months old, and Jess to the right 3years old, he's huge lol

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Welcome Ozzie !!
They are both really lovely ....... I adore Dalmatians (Prob' because of the cartoon ... ) We have two that live close to us, when you see them out walking with their owner they seem to walk in sync, it's amazing to watch.



They're beautiful! :thumbsup:

Hope he's happy in his new home.


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i can't believe the size difference between them going to take them out later, but he's really big and dopey but so far has been good as gold, but hes still falling over his own feet lol

Awwwwwww! I miss my dalmatian sooo much!

Are you going to breed them baby?

[SIZE="1"](if so, can I have a puppy? :lol: :))[/SIZE]

They are lovely, what a handfull you have there!

We had a dalmation called Toby, he was great fun, loopy though! As a teenager I used to show him at local dog shows.

Do yours "smile"? Toby used to!!

absoltuley gorgeous. i bet you get lots of attention when walking them.

how is the bump?

will you have to get a bigger house?

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yes they both smile lol

we are looking at moving house ,we were anyway so the bump has his own room, but this house has a huge garden so were not in a rush

still planning on getting jess done so prob wont be breeding, too scared that people will steal the dogs, but my other half wants to try one litter to see how it goes, but im still unsure


yes they both smile lol

He he he thought they may!! :-D

People used to assume they were snarling, but it's not as any dalmation owner will tell you!
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