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I am after some new football boots, size 9. They have to be moulded studs, Not blades, so that i can wear them at the local Goals centre.

I have found these, but i have never worn Joma boots before so any comments on these or suggestions for others would be much appreciated.



(PS Anybody know how to reduce the length of the link??)


[url]www.tinyurl.co.uk[/url] - help make it smaller

I suggest Kelme or Mizuno.

2 of the most comfortable and quality brands of footy boots that are understated due to not being Nike or Adidas!


Hi(PS Anybody know how to reduce the length of the link??)

Type the name of the shop or whatever in your post, say

JJB sports

Then highlight it, click on the insert hyperlink button and post the link in there, job done.


I have a pair of Joma boots, actually got them from ProDirect think they were about £90. Lovely pair of boots. Very comfortable, and I have certainly got my moneys worth from them, they are still very tidy.

I agree Kelme are a decent boot. If you look, a lot of Kelme boots are based on the adidas boots but used with different materials.

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Thanks all

Bleudavinci - are the joma boots a fairly regular size/width, will i need to buy a bigger/smaller size than usual??
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