New fraud site bulktronics

Edited by:"rkenyon4"Found 16th Dec 2017
Same scum that ripped me off
No product delivered and they want direct bank transfer

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But they’re the “ #1 online mattress and electronics retailer in the UK. ”

They have to be legit.
What have they done?
Well yes, I wouldn't ever order from a company with a mobile number as their customer service number
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They scammers
Cheap price to entice you
They insist on direct bank transfer
Good never arrive
They disappear
But they’re the “ #1 online mattress and electronics retailer in the UK. ”

They have to be legit.
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Domain Information
NameCheap Inc.
Registration Date:
Expiration Date:
Updated Date:

The Area’s #1 Electronics Stores! Biggest Selection & Guaranteed Best Prices! is where trends, selection and savings all come together! With London’s largest selection of the best priced and the largest showroom in the UK, other stores can’t compare to the BIG Store! Established in 2010, and conveniently located in London, UK, is the only store to guarantee the lowest price for a full year. With our expert, white-glove delivery team, great service, and multiple financing options, is your one-stop shop for comfort, selection and value! is the #1 online mattress and electronics retailer in the UK. With over 500,000 satisfied customers all across the United Kingdom, you can be confident in the benefits of shopping with us.

At, buying electronics and mattresses is easy and worry-free with the lowest prices guaranteed! You can simply order online 24/7/365, or speak with one of our experts to help you find the perfect mattress. Delivery is free, and you will receive a phone call to arrange a convenient time for your in-home delivery (we provide free in-home, White Glove delivery on most mattresses).

whats not to like

Edited by: "mattmerch" 17th Dec 2017
Often find mattress and electronics sales go together...
I would have backed out at the homepage. What a poorly designed site!
Who pays with bank transfer?

2 Westwood Gardens, London,
SW13 0LB, United Kingdom"

(Ignore googles address)…dUz
Edited by: "splatsplatsplat" 17th Dec 2017
Not nice being scammed mate, but this one may as well be called "ScamTronics" It's that obvious. Websites only been up 64 days, no contact us page.
splatsplatsplat2 m ago

"OUR OFFICES2 Westwood Gardens, London,SW13 0LB, United Kingdom"(Ignore …"OUR OFFICES2 Westwood Gardens, London,SW13 0LB, United Kingdom"(Ignore googles address)

Owner City: Panama Not too far away.
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And mobile phone for contact lol
> Thank you for your interest in a career at! is looking for qualified professionals with a strong desire to succeed. Although we’ve been in business for over half a century,

> Bulktronics’ is a family-owned discount Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, Mattresses store based in London, UK Since 2010

> Originally formed in 1998

Well, I can see why the guy behind this site needs to steal to get by.
Maybe they send out a mattress for you to sleep on whilst waiting for your order?
It's important to note the people who live at address on this website will have nothing to do with the criminals running the site.

Anyone who has been a victim of this site should make sure they report it to the police Action Fraud to help get the site taken down asap.
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£599 later no cooker very rude person who answers the phone ,

Cannot believe i fell for it

Professional looking website but closer inspection not good and should have realised – godaddy US

Using local number web based forwarding service to make you think they are in the uk

Reported to action fraud that seems a total waste of 15 minutes , and my bank within 24 hours of the penny dropping but not promising

Kent Cookers:
• Account number: 11140168
• Sort code: 110325
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