New Front door - How can I find someone to supply and/or fit?

    Sorry to sond so stupid - BUT - apparently the country is full of EU workers doing jobs like carpentry, and plumbing and so on - well that being the case if it is so, HOW am i supposed to find sombody, or a company that will supply and fit a (relatively) cheap front external door? I can accept that you can buy one from (say) B&Q, but you try getting anybody to fit the thing! It is neigh on impossible!?

    Or am I being a dumb cat?


    Go to a timber merchants and ask the staff if they can recommend someone.

    Look in your local paper under 'joiners'.......i am sure there will be traders listed:)

    i had a right nightmare trying to get someone to fit one door!
    Most didnt turn up, then the others didnt want to do ONE DOOR!
    The one who actually said he would do it wanted 60 quid to do ONE flipping door!
    ( I would have had other doors fitted if i had them, my entire downstairs is open plan!)
    I ended up asking my uncle who tried his best!

    As above but you could also try ]http//ww…om/ and use their 'Find my Nearest' route

    some double glazing firms also fit doors, i know my old man's one does. look them up in the yellow pages.

    or try [url][/url] type in joiners or carpenters and your town , they should list some for you to contact

    Most door suppliers have fitters :thinking:

    Should be from about £150 depending on the door.


    is this a wooden door or pvc?


    I paid £265 inc vat to get 3 internal doors fitted. I couldn't hang a picture to be honest so not worth my time and effort in destroying them.

    It was really hard to find someone willing to fit, everyone around here seems to be so busy or performing more lucrative work. The joinery company fitted them in approx 3hrs so felt a little expensive.

    Sometimes bargains/services are closer to hand than you think. My mate is a joiner. I travel to all Celtic games with him and it completely slipped my mind in my desperation to find someone. Said he would have done it for £20 max per door and a fiver thrown in for petrol

    whats wrong with getting one of the Eu workers to do it for you
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