New game, with pictures! Can you guess who?

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Found 19th May 2011
The following is a recent photo of a famous 80's child actor, that is the only clue you are getting for now...

Can you guess who it is?

As soon as it is guessed correctly, somoene else can take over.


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"Chunk" from "The Goonies" (Jeff Cohen).



****, shaving disaster ?

it is chunk, i saw that pic a few weeks ago, and thought wtf!?

I was checking goonies out on imdb, and you remember the older brother, hes the cowbow dude in no country for old men, and i didnt even see the data kid was in temple of doom (short round), now it seems fecking obvious.

The blond girl, I think her name is Martha Pilkington, is now in Raising Hope on Sky One which along with Modern Family is the best thing on at the moment!
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