New Gamecube or Xbox (not 360) - Best Deals?

Decided I quite fancy getting either an original X-box or a Gamecube.

I'd rather buy new, and I'm aware of the Argos X-box offer (console + 4 games for £50), but it seems the 4 games are no longer available (at least not via home delivery or from any branches near me), so you basically now just get the X-box on it's own for £50.
I think Virgin are also now doing the console on it's own for £50.

That's still a good price but I wondered if there were any better deals available elsewhere, either with or without games ?
I'm guessing it's doubtful, but thought I'd ask just in case.

Same thing for the Gamecube. Best price on just the console or a package deal (preferably with good games) ?

Haven't decided which one which to go for yet, but I don't need any advice on the pros & cons of each system (I know my stuff), just the best prices.

Thanks !


Try your local gamestation, its possible they'll have new, if so you should be able to do a bundle deal with them for games you want. Plus they are always open for haggling. However these days you may have to settle for used.
Game is a long shot also, but yet again haggle with them if you do find one, even though they are a major chain most will do you a deal especially if your buying an item that isnt in much demand.


My local game was selling Gamecubes for £40 last week, but im sure there is a better package deal out there on the net

Original Poster

Cheers for the replys, but no new Cubes or Xboxes in my local Game or Gamestation.

I remember a few months back, someone posted a deal here for a new Gamecube with Mario Kart for £30 !

Typical that it's only now I've decided I want one of these consoles, after both that deal & the Argos X-box deal have expired

Ah well, if anyone comes across any decent on-line deals let me know, cheers !

hit up ebay is my advice for the cube, bound to be lots of wii owners getting rid of their GC's
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