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    I have had my lovable, if not very handsome, adorable, even if not very chatty yet most patient CPU for 2.5 years now and it has been a great gaming system, even now it runs Team Fortress 2 very smoothly (at 800*600 :D).

    But now, I think the time has come to look for a brother for it (blame Crysis & Stalker). I only need the CPU as my 15" CRT monitor is more than fine for the job. Here are my requirements:

    Intel or AMD (AMD need some help so I dont mind if the processor is not upto Quad Core2Duo's top of the range performance)
    2GB RAM
    Nvidia 9600 graphic card (or AMD equivalent performance card)
    Creative Xifi soundcard
    vanilla DVD drive

    And thats it! I really would like to stress, I donot want to get a top of the range system as I am quite focused on 'value for money' (Im an accountant :D). And I donot want the deal right now, I am happy to wait 2-3 months if it will have a significant impact on the performance and price.

    I would prefer a Dell or Mesh system's product as I think they have quality systems.

    Any advise would be most appreciated.

    Thanks & kind regards,


    If your worried about the cost, then you are better off building it yourself...

    Dont be scared about putting the bits together, they generally only fit in one place, so you cant really get it wrong. Or you could even ask one of the IT guys from your work

    There is also techincal help give from as to wether the bits you want will work together.

    * CPU, go for Intel something like an E4700 (£90) should be fine for what you are after.
    * Motherboard, take your pick (Gigabyte GA P31-DS3L will be fine at £44).
    * 2Gb (2*1Gb) corsair RAM for about £35.
    * Graphics card, you would be better sticking with an 8800GT 512Mb card (£140), they perform slightly better than the 9600GTs. Could possibly wait for the new 9800 series of cards to come out though, prices then might drop on the 8800GT's
    case is down to your personal preference.
    power supply 580w (HiperPower HPU-4M580 £43)

    I take it that you already have DVD drives, hard drives and keyboard mouse etc... (would at least buy an 17" or 19" widescreen LCD though)

    zone alarm firewall, AVG antivirus and spybot - search and destroy, are all (legal) free softwares to protect it.

    total price comes to about £350ish, plus your case (about £50 on top), then add windows (£60).
    Add a few pints of beeer for someone to set it up for you and your done.

    prices above are from, link your AVForums account to them and get free delivery.

    Droits suggestions are on par with what I would have suggested. I maybe would have gone with the E4500 or if you want to save a bit more money E2200 or E2180 [£50 vs £75] (if you dont mind overclocking you can push these to 3.2-3.6 ghz with the right equipment)

    E4500 on special at Scan for 73 atm -…ly/
    Gigabyte GA P35 DS3L or P31 DS3L
    Patriot 2GB PC2-6400 C4 Extreme Perf for £30 at aria…802

    As for graphic card this one looks really good and on special atm as you can always exchange the EVGAs when you upgrade the card later on
    512MB EVGA 8800GT Superclocked, PCI-E 2.0, Mem 1900MHz, GDDR3, GPU 650MHz, Stream 112, 2x DL DVI-I

    Original Poster

    Thank you both for the help.

    I was under the impression that it would be cheaper to buy Dell/Mesh compared to same spec own build as Dell use economies of scale to get cheaper prices and then profit margin is not high.

    I'll look into the suggestions. £350 sounds too good for a very good gaming system.

    Pleasure Kayote

    If you want to spend a tad more on the processor you may want to look at E8400 which will end up giving you a top notch gaming machine especially combined with the superclocked 8800 GT. I just recently built one myself and you can basically play any game out there on max (I have mine overclocked to 4.4 ghz so you may have settle for slight adjustments to settings if you plan on playing crysis which I believe is the most demanding game out there atm. Otherwise the 8400 will last you quite some time and the extra cache is great to have (although its been proven that it doesnt have a huge impact on gaming)

    You can get a very nice dell system for 500ish with vouchers but I always prefer chosing my components as they use generic memory etc + locked system

    Good luck mate


    Just bought a computer from dell outlets, couple of weeks ago:


    XPS 420 ViiV Q6600 (Quad core 2.4 GHZ).
    3GB DDR2.
    2 X 500GB Hard Drives.
    512 MB 8800GT Graphics Card.
    DVD Recorder.
    DVD CDR.
    Card Reader.
    Cool XPS Case.
    Vista Home ultimate
    Works 9.0

    Cost me £458.84 with one year warrenty & free delivery, couldn't even buy parts to build it myself for that price. So well worth a look as constantly changing stock.

    Plays COD 4, BF2142 & Bioshock in top settings no problem. (Haven't tried crysis yet next on wish list)
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