New Gaming PC - Around £500?

    Right, my pc is getting on a bit now. The ram, processer etc is ok but it doesnt take pci-e graphics cards only agp and its not worth the hassle i dont think.

    If i was going to buy one i would ahve around £500 to spend, i want it to play COD4 well etc.

    Does anyone know anything good for this price?


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    I've been looking at the Dell XPS 420 recently. This might fit your budget if you can get one from the dell outlet.

    as an alternative, buy an Xbox 360 for £200 as I did....a LOT cheaper :thumbsup: my PC (decent spec) is now used mainly for Photos/downloading etc

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    I do have a xbox 360, but for games like COD etc i would rather play it on the pc. Just find it easier.

    Well i bought my gaming comp from PC World during the jan sales, is a Packard Bell iPower, overall good spec comp with 8800GT graphics, was £1399, got it for £520. They had quite a fair amount of them left all over the country (as they now fit Quad processors in instead of duo, but read forums on that cos they are not worth the extra money)

    Good luck in hunting.

    Ati have released the new Radeon HD3850 as an AGP card.

    News Here

    The card will cost around £130 so if your PC is a decent spec you may not need to get rid of it, just add this card.

    Reviews show that it performs nearly as well as the 8800GT with only AA performance being the difference between the cards.

    You will most likely have to spend more than £500 if you want a good gaming pc - the 8800 GTS/GTX alone is ~£350 >.

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    Would it be worth getting that graphics card though? Because at some point in time im going to need to change everything arnt i.

    What screen resolution do you use? This is probably the most important thing. If its only 1280x1024 you probably wont need the power of a £300+ card, a £100-£150 will suffice fine.

    What is the ram and processor? Have you considered building your own or upgrading your current system yourself?

    I'm looking for similar idea - Decent Gaming PC for round about the 500 quid mark - no monitor required, anyone
    got any suggestions & NO i would not rather buy a console!

    build one for cheap people
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