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Posted 23rd Mar
My fence has seen a better days and it needs to be replaced. I'm planing to rip it all out as old posts has been installed using spikes and its all rusted away, old panels are damaged too. My back garden is on quite exposed hill and I get a lot of side wind. Plan is simple, use concrete posts and gravel boards, and use 6x5 wooden panels or composite boards. This will give me secure fence structure and flexibility to change panels in the future if I ever need to. I have ask around and I can get Selco trade card from my mate so I've found prices quite competitive.
I need 10 panels in L shape

I'm looking to get:…0mm…5mm…scr (and one corner variant)

I have seen some composite fence boards on ebay and I can't decide what to order classic wood panels above or composite, anyone knows if they fade badly after couple of years (I know they do a bit after install). Is there anything else against composite apart from price? do they warp like some decking boards?

How deep do you have to go into the ground with concrete posts? just not sure what length post to buy
Would you always use Rapid Set Fence Post Concrete to secure it? My garden is mainly clay so I know it's going to be a nightmare to dig it all out.

Any tips/ advice much appriciated
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When I did my fence with 4ft high (1.2m) wooden panels I bought 1.75m concrete posts. The gravel boards were 150mm high so that left 400mm to go in the ground, which was just right, and I used Postcrete to set them. As I recall the builders merchants had 3 sizes of slotted concrete posts, to match 4ft, 5ft and 6ft panels.
The panels did rattle, even in a gentle breeze, which was quite irritating so I cut some small wooden wedges to tap in between post and panel and that cured it.
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A rule of thumb is that 1/3rd the height of the fence panel should be reflected in how deep the post should be. So for a 6' high panel (5' panel and 1' gravel board) an 8' post would have to be buried 2' deep.
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