New Gen iPod Nano EU Volume limit??

Found 15th Oct 2008
Got myself one of the new generation 16GB iPod Nano's for the gym earlier, just been playin around with it and found that the volume has apparently been capped by EU regulations. There seem to be a few work arounds for the different models, but cant any for the new nano. Any one got any suggestions, or shall i just take it back cause i can doubt it would be fit for its purpose in a loud gym?

Thanks is advance and all help appreciated.

Ta again


I have heard this aswell, I think that there is a limit on the eu ones

To be honest, your going to be damaging your hearing if your putting it any louder than the EU regs.

Look on deal extreme though for a product which makes the audio output louder. Sure i saw it on there last week.

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its true my new nano sounds so much lower than my old ipod video. There has got to be a work around?

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no body?

Download EUpod Pro...a little program that boosts the volume of your songs

Been using it for ages with my ipod. Works great
(I assume it works with the nano´s too, not sure though as I don´t have one)

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Thanks, but thats a sloppy work around. Is there no way to remove the limit?
++rep given

Hm i wouldn´t call it sloppy.
You boost the songs once when you put them on
What´s the problem with that?

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