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Posted 14th Dec 2019
just got an update on my Samsung s8, Google messages now is like iMessage, let's u know when it's read, and can send photos (without being charged for multi media message).
seems to be only when on WiFi and not on Android to Apple.
about time too, good job.
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Big_Rik14/12/2019 14:11

No idea what u have been drinking

Today I have mostly been drinking Yorkshire Tea.
Cant see it on my s9
I've had textra app for years, I can't send free pictures, but I get the one tick for delivered and two for read (just like WhatsApp)
Are the messages encrypted though like iMessage
This has been available for ages using "chat features" in the Google Messages app
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vinit914/12/2019 15:01

Are the messages encrypted though like iMessage

This is called chat features as @andrewworrall1 said. It is RCS (rich communication services) based. Unfortunately RCS is broken for me on a dual SIM phone.
Pulse is the best text message app, in my experience. Usually prefer WhatsApp but too many people still stuck with texts.
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