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    After buying a few upgrades for my desktop pc (motherboard,processor,ram) i will have to get a new graphics card as the old one was an agp which isnt supported by my new motherboard.

    Whats the best pci-e card i can get for under £40. With so many options i dont know what to look for in a card:oops:

    Any help would be great


    This question is asked quite a lot. For under £40 you might just be lucky and find a Radeon X1650 or a GeForce 7600 GS, which will generally be the best cards you will get for that budget.

    ebuyer have a ]7600GS for £46.45 delivered or a radeon 1650 for ]£48.67 delivered or a ]slightly faster version for £51.18. If these are too much you are probably looking at getting a GeForce 7300 or Radeon 1550/1300, but these cards are significantly lower in performance.

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    im a bit confused with the "ati" and "nvidia" bit. which make is the best/value for money.

    BTW it needs to have a vga connection

    Thanks for the ULTRA quick reply:thumbsup:

    well the 7600gs looks good. Has it got a vga or dvi connection and do i need to take into account the power of my psu?

    ati and nvidia are the two main manufacturers of graphics chips (well, intel are actually the biggest but they only make chipset integrated cards at the moment). Ati's graphics chips are called 'Radeon', nVidia's chips are called 'GeForce'. They both offer competitive value-for-money, many people tend to have a preference for one or the other but generally speaking there is little in it in the budget to mid-range sector.

    All cards will have VGA connection, how good a card you want really depends on the sort of games you intend to play and what your monitor size (resolution) is. Also worth noting a higher end card will generally require more power, what system do you have at the moment?

    edit - Think you will probably be fine with a 7600gs, I don't think they require any extra power connectors so you'll probably be okay - do you know what the rating of your PSU is? It will probably have 1xDVI and 1 vga out, and probably also a DVI-VGA adapter (standard fare for most cards in this range but I'm not 100% as it doesn't say in specifications...)

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    19" crt (soon to be upgraded to 22" tft)
    Mobo: MSI K9AGM2-FIH
    Processor: amd 4600+ am2
    1gb ddr2

    Anything else you need

    edit --- Not sure of the psu rating but i dont think this card require loads like a more expensive card does.
    how much better is the dvi compared to vga?

    Theoretically its better (for tft) because it is a direct digital path, whereas vga is an analogue signal. that said, with decent cables it might be hard to spot the difference - either way, nearly all current graphics cards support both dvi and vga so its not really an issue (its more a concern when you are looking at getting your 22" monitor, where i'd recommend getting a dvi capable monitor if you can afford it). With 22" you will be pushing over 1.6megapixels (at native resolution) so you really want a capable card, it will certainly be worth your while getting a 7600 or 1650 series over their lesser brethren (7300 or 1300/1550).

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    Well ive decided to go for the 7600gs it looks like a good card for the money.

    Thanks for all your help jah 128 im sure the answers you gave me on this thread will help a good few people:thumbsup:

    No problem, thanks.
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