New graphics card for Dell E520, help!!!

    Hi guys,

    Brought a Dell E520 not long ago after it being advertised on here but I want to upgrade graphics card. Spec of pc

    1.8 ghz core 2 duo (E4300)
    3 GB ram
    250 GB hard drive
    Vista home premium
    Nvidia POV 7600GT

    I would like to run new games well such as bioshock and crysis (looks like you need a beefy pc to run that game, would it be possible to run it well?)

    I upgraded the ram so now I have 3 GB. Now I was looking at the Nvidia 8600gts or 8800 gts graphics card and I was wondering if it would fit, I take it Id have to change to a more powerful psu, how easy is it to change it?

    Just wondering if it is worth upgrading to try and run these games or should I just get bioshock for the 360

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