New Graphics/Sound Cards - No idea what though!

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Found 26th Dec 2007

I have a Dell Dimension C521. It has a NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE graphics card, and I'm not sure about the sound card but it's sound output is rubbish!

Could someone direct me in the right direction towards something to upgrade my computer? I don't wish to spend alot, but feel a little "SALE" upgrade might be good


Is it the small form factor case? If so, upgrading is going to be difficult as you can't use full size cards, you're limited to half height graphics cards which are low performance. Something like this for 30 quid I think is a reasonable deal:…ews

The only problem is I don't know if it comes with a half height bracket, with this type of card you need to take the full size one off and attach a half height one (unplugging the VGA output) for it to work in your case.

In what way is the sound output rubbish? Just to try and get a better idea of what might suit you, I'm not sure if half height sound cards exist so you may need to go for a USB solution.


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It is indeed the small case. I didn't realise when I ordered the Dell that it was a small case, but it is.

The sound output is just rubbish! There is no sound volume at all compared to my previous system either. Actually, I suppose that is the main problem - no volume to the sound.

Graphics card looks good though, thanks for that

Is it definitely the soundcard and not some setting like the wav volume being set low? I've had trouble with Vista putting some of the sliders way too low which makes the sound output very quiet..

My brother managed to damage his laptop sound card when he accidentally plugged it into the service port of my TV rather than the line in, he went for a 40 pound Creative USB sound card which did the job just fine, no external power needed and it had a decent range of ports. So I think anything around the 30 pound mark would do the job just fine although to be honest it does sound like something is wrong with your current one as I don't think it should be that quiet.

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