New Hard Drives

    I read a lot in the forums that when people purchase new hard drives they test them to try and rule out failure problems. I'm expecting delivery of a couple of Western Digital Red drives, so what software, preferably free, should I use to test them?

    I have also read about updating the firmware on new drives. I've never done this in the past, so any advice would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


    They're tested before you get them so you're just checking for transport damage. I would always check your smart information to check the age of the drive to see if it's a recert.

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    A couple of free ones:1) Crystaldiskinfo - … A couple of free ones:1) Crystaldiskinfo - HD Tune -

    ​Thank you. I will take a look at these.

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    ​Thank you. I will take a look at these.

    ​coming from WD so I expect them to be recent models.

    Never had the need to do what you say but why not run checkdsk in Windows once installed
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